Brothers and Friends,

In time, we all stop and ask ourselves, “what am I doing with my life? Have I made a difference?” We lay out our history: our deeds and our accomplishments, and we place our lives upon the scale and hope it balances in our favor.

As Masons, our scales can be so much harder to balance. We try always to remember our obligations. We work to fulfill that charge to serve God, our neighbors, and ourselves. We strive to be better men and to support our lodge while never neglecting our families or duties to our employers.

How, then, do we find balance when so often it feels as though our scales have too many pans, and the beams that balance them so often feel too short? Through our lodge. Through our Brothers. Through the support of the craft. It is for this reason that attending lodge should be a joy: Our labors are those of love.

Coming together to meet, to eat, to talk, to learn and to grow – I hope we all take the time to think of what Freemasonry is. How has it changed me? Has it made me a better man? If not, why? Masonry, the ancient order of scholars and leaders of men that has served its communities from time immemorial, has brought forth a bounty of genius and grace. So if, once made a Mason we have not improved ourselves, is it Masonry’s doing? Or our own?

The lodge is not our building, but our Brothers. Masonry can only subsist on the support of its members, and can only build upon itself when new, worthy and well qualified men are made a part of our fraternity. It is then our duty and our charge to help them learn and be better, making ourselves better men in the process.

I hope you will all take the time to join us. My year as Master of your lodge has been dedicated to the joy of our good works, and to help build the connection between our Brothers and our community. It is my deepest hope that you and your families will become involved in our labor of love.

I look forward to hearing what Masonry means to you. One of the hardest things to do is realize that Masonry is, in its very nature, good. It need not be what we think Masonry is, or should be. Masonry is a sturdy rock on which anything good can be built upon, but only with your help.
I love Masonry. I love being your Brother.
I look forward to seeing you at the lodge.


Bro. Nathan Schoonover, Worshipful Master – 2019.