It is with  a deep  feeling of  honor  and pride that I congratulate you  all on your  Line of Officers for this upcoming year, and with gratitude and humility for having been elected by you to serve as Master of  St. Peters Lodge.  Our collective focus is to serve you all as Brothers, and our community as Freemasons to the very best of our ability – and serve we will.

Riding on the wave of  successes the Craft enjoyed during this past year under the direction of our Worshipful Brother Peter Dolce, I foresee for us a new “culture of collaboration” already evidenced by the unified approach to  our annual Lodge Christmas Party  and an eagerness of our Line to brainstorm together to rekindle Lodge events and programs lost to time long  ago, and to bring to the table fresh ideas for an  exciting future that we should all be proud to celebrate!

We have an exciting first couple months  lined up at  Lodge with January boasting two stated communications meetings – the first of  which will include our annual Temple Association meeting and election of officers – and both of which will include Lodges of Instruction performed by Brother Matthew Fitzgibbons (Senior Steward) January 3rd, and Brother Joseph Cats (Historian) January 17th .

Additionally, I am excited to announce that RWB Richard McDonnell (Almoner) and his Wife Jeanette are already hard at work preparing for our annual Robert Burns fundraiser Supper to be held in our Lodge Fellowship Hall Friday January 27th, the net proceeds of which will  again  go to our  primary charity in our  community – “Loaves and  Fishes” at the Richmond Community Center.  Tickets are on sale now and sell out quick so please contact Brother Ricky immediately if you hope to join in the events of this incredible evening, and in doing so contribute to such a truly worthy charitable organization .

February brings with it a Stated Communications meeting with continued Lodge of instruction Tuesday February 7th, a Master Mason degree as we raise three Fellow Crafts on Tuesday February 21st, and stay tuned as although we’re still  in the early planning stages we are hoping to celebrate and honor the Ladies in our lives by hosting a “Ladies at Table” gathering on Saturday, February 18th .

Brother (yes, YOU) , if you haven’t been to Lodge in a y ear or three or five or seven, please consider this your personal invitation to come out and see what great things have happened here since you  last sat with us and what  even greater  things await us all as we truly “dwell together  in unity”, working to polish these rough corners and simply get back to the time honored basics of Brotherly  Love, relief, and truth !

On behalf of our Wardens and Officers, I thank our Past Masters and you the Brethren of St. Peter’s Lodge. We have  a fantastic, diverse group of Brothers here and by focusing on our strengths we will enjoy a very successful year and through the nurturing of this culture of collaboration, together we will enjoy many more such years to come!

Grace and abounding peace, Brethren .

Bro. Melvin E  Stimmel II,        Worshipful         Master 20 17