Our lodge is not a building. It is rather, a collection of craftsmen, performing their labors.
Our beautiful lodge room is useless to us if it is empty. The Brothers make the lodge. In
order to be successful, we need our members to come out to lodge. This year we have placed an emphasis on masonic education. Capitalizing on the knowledge of our own brothers, and reaching out to brothers from other lodges who can speak about masonry in ways that improve our understanding of who we are as masons we have presented several very informative programs.

Our Christmas Party and Robbie Burns Supper were very well attended. Now we are looking towards the spring and summer at events that will bring us together. Those plans include a repeat of our Wives and Widows Luncheon, which was very well received last year. We are also looking at having a Family Picnic, and maybe even a family trip to Yankee stadium. We will go gray for the summer months and before we know it, fall will be upon us and we will be looking at what our line of officers for 2019 might look like.

One area where I have heard from several brothers about is our responsibility to our
fellow human beings. Beyond the Robert Burns night, we have not done much work for
charity. This is part of who we are as masons. There are two ways we demonstrate
charity as men. One, by raising money for charitable causes or providing services
(labor) for them. The other is through our personal contributions toward the relief of
others. Please come out to lodge and join our discussions as we look at ways to meet
this important obligation as masons.

Brothers, I cannot stress enough how much each of you mean to the craft. I invite you to
come out to lodge. Join with your brothers to fulfill your obligations as men and masons.
Experience what caused you to approach the alter of masonry in the first place.
Connect with your brothers and be a better man for it. I know I will be.
Looking forward to seeing you at lodge.

Bro. Jerry Myers, Worshipful Master – 2018.